Pepper & Me The Mother Dukkah

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Pepper & Me The Mother Dukkah

Toasted almonds, spices, sesame and coriander seeds have all been blended to create this signature Pepper & Me Moroccan spiced dukkah. It goes amazingly well with smashed avocado, eggs, sautéed vegetables, or sprinkled on your favourite dip, potato bake, lasagne, or Mac 'n' cheese.

  • Dukkah sprinkle
  • Ingredients - White Sesame seeds, Almonds, Coriander seeds, Cumin seeds, Man Rub, Vegetable oil and protein, smoked Paprika, Chilli, Moroccan Spice Blend, Cajun spice
  • Gluten, dairy, palm oil, and MSG free
  • Size - 80gm

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