'Be Kind' by Angie Dennis - A4 Matt

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'Be Kind' by Angie Dennis - A4 Matt

Acts of kindness would appear to spread faster than a virus, whether it’s someone not saying hello to you in the street or a bad conversation. The aim of this artwork is to focus on not taking someone’s challenging situation personally …”it’s not your shit, be kind”.

The Tui represents the negative chatter that goes on in your head if you think you’ve done something wrong, the rose with thorns represents the hurt. The phone is the interaction between you and the person and the wise owl (Morepork) to remind us to "Be Kind".

  • Fine art print signed by Angie Dennis
  • Size - A4 (210mm x 297mm)
  • Matted with foam backing
  • Enquire about other options to info@florenceandco.com:
    A3 matt & foam - 297mm x 420mm
    A4 framed - 305mm x 381mm
    A3 framed - 435mm x 530mm 

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