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Velvet Noir Candle 100g

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Velvet Noir Candle 100g

A lovely woody fragrance that exudes elegance with a contrast between fresh and rich aromas. Velvet Noir is heralded as the scent of pure instinct, with warm base notes of patchouli, Haiti vetyver, ambrette seeds and white musk mix with Egyptian jasmine, amyris and Texas cedarwood to create a feeling of pure luxury, whilst a top note of Indian pepper ensures that Velvet Noir unravels with a subtle and mysterious finish.

  • Triple scented soy candle
  • Handblown glass - great for repurposing
  • Burn time - up to 20 hours
  • Fragrance Notes - Top: Indian Pepper; Middle: Egyptian Jasmine, Amyris, Texas Cedarwood; Base: Haiti Vetyver, Ambrette Seeds, White Musk, Patchouli
  • Size - 100gm
  • Fragrance formulated in France, handcrafted in New Zealand
Product Care
Burn on a heat-resistant surface. Burn candles for 2 or 3 hours at a time. After blowing out the flame, if necessary centre the wick in the liquid wax. Trimmed to ¼ inch before relighting the candle to avoid unnecessary smoke. Burn away from a draft, other heat sources, or anything flammable. Never leave a burning candle unattended. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

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