Lychee & Black Orchid Diffuser

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Lychee & Black Orchid Diffuser
Lychee & Black Orchid Diffuser

Complex florals of black orchid blend with the exotic and luscious sweetness of lychee to form a soft, enveloping fragrance. Deftly balanced by the gentle aromas of white tea, sandalwood, geranium, lilac and jasmine. This fragrance smells like silk feels; clean and fresh, yet feminine and sensual, indulgent and mysterious. This luxurious fragrance will bring intrigue and elegance to your favourite spaces.

Mineral Oil Diffuser Set with Silk Fibre Reeds

Up to 6 months of scent dispersion


Fragrance Notes

Lychee Fruit, Black Orchid, White Tea, Sandalwood, Geranium, Lilac, Jasmine

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